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"Most people assume that the body they inhabit is self-regulating. But an individual does not direct all of his own functions.  A second person transmits regulatory information that can alter hormone levels, cardiovascular function, sleep rhythms, immune function, and more -- inside the body of the first."

-- Thomas Lewis, MD,

et al, "A General Theory of Love"


Are you suffering from pain, panic attacks, or breathing difficulties that have no medical cause?

Have you experienced one or more traumas in your life that you can't seem to shake?

Are you searching for a deeper healing than medications can provide?


If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions,

you have come to the right place. 

Hands to Heart is a unique practice that incorporates several powerful techniques in order to relieve pain, release old traumas, and enhance an overall healing response.  Daphne White created this practice after years of study with the most gifted healers and teachers in the U.S. and Canada.

Daphne is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner with a specialty in Somatic Experiencing trauma release work.  Healing Touch is a form of energy medicine that stimulates the body's own healing response:  it's like acupuncture, but without needles.  Healing Touch was created by nurses and is practiced in many hospitals around the country. 

Somatic Experiencing is a very careful and gentle technique for safely discharging the high-voltage energy of trauma, without re-traumatization.  Trauma is defined as any event that shocks and overwhelms the nervous system.  Until it is released, trauma energy is stored in the body:  it is held in the muscles and organs, constricting breathing and movement.  The discharge of trauma energy often feels like a trembling or slight shaking;  this is usually followed by a sense of relief and lightness.  Somatic Experiencing was developed by Dr. Peter Levine, author of Waking the Tiger.

Daphne is the only practitioner in the Washington, DC area who blends the hands-on approach of Healing Touch with the gentle verbal guidance of Somatic Experiencing. Clients report that her work strengthens the immune system, relaxes the nervous system, and often stimulates spontaneous healing.  

A majority of problems reported to physicians today-- issues such as chronic pain; fibromyalgia; breathing difficulties; panic attacks; neck, back and shoulder pain -- have no known physical (organic) cause.  All of these conditions, however, frequently respond to the combination of therapies offered by Hands to Heart. 

Energy work and trauma release have also shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of allergies; anxiety; arthritis; asthma; chronic fatigue; headaches and migraines; irritable bowel and other gastrointestinal problems; and many other stress- and trauma-related illnesses.

Healing Touch and Somatic Experiencing both work to balance the energy flow in the body, thus allowing the immune and nervous systems to function with more coherence.  As the "static" is taken out of the system, pain is reduced and a sense of well-being and wellness is enhanced.  Very often, a sense of clarity emerges so that clients can receive insights about the root issues behind their symptoms or syndrome.  

Healing Touch and Somatic Experiencing are integrated seamlessly in Daphne's practice.  While the techniques are described separately, the sessions themselves offer a unique blend of both.  In addition, Daphne often incorporates teachings and practices from yoga, chi gong, dance, and many other traditions.  Every session is different, depending on the needs of the client on a particular day. 

If you'd like to learn how Hands to Heart can make a difference in your life, call today for a free consultation: 301-949-0378.


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